DFBHD Delta Force Black Hawk Down

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DFBHD Delta Force Black Hawk Down

Post by Tms Nate Dog13 08 on Fri May 23, 2008 4:25 pm

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down(DFBHD) Is A Game Based On A Movie(That Is Based On A Real Event) Is A Fun War Game If U Dont Know How 2 Get It My Bro Got It At Walmart(My Mom Works There) It Will Ofcourse Be In The PC Game Aisle Or I Think It Also On XBOX U Get Multi Player(Online Mode) Career (In Otherwords Missions) There R 2 Missions Where A BlacK Hawk Goes Down (That How It Got It Name BHD) U Get 2 Be A Medic,Gunner,CQB,Or Sniper On Multiplayer U Get 3 Accesories AT4(Rocket Launcher)Satchel Charges(Detonated C4) Or Claymore(Mine) U Get 4 Snipers 7 Gunners 2Medics &5 CQB Guns Gunner,3 Backup Guns, Sniper, 2, CQB, 3, &Medic 2 U Get NVG's(Night Vision Goggles) & There U Have Some Info On DFBHD & My Online Name Right Now Is Phantom Number 1. Peace Out Exclamation king afro lol! lol!
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